The Basics of Land Surveying

What is Land Surveying? Land Surveying dates back to ancient history. Surveying is used for multiple projects.  A survey is done to establish a specific location of a parcel of land along with its exact acreage.  It is used to ascertain boundaries Continue reading →

Licensed Land Surveyor: Using GPS to Track You – Is It Real?

A licensed land surveyor trusts his GPS system like  his gun in a battlefield. Though it sometimes do not provide all the info that you may need, it is nonetheless very helpful in producing an accurate boundary survey. Many have Continue reading →

Welcome to Wedowee Land Surveying

Welcome to Wedowee Land Surveying’s website This site is intended to provide you with information on a Land Surveying Company in Wedowee, AL. If you’re looking for a Wedowee Land Surveyor, you’ve come to the right site. If you’d rather talk Continue reading →